Wedding Date: 13th of October 2007
Ceremony Venue: Russettings, Sutton Registry Office
Reception Venue: Carew Manor, Beddington Park

Her story

So this is my side of the story on the proposal and the part of the wedding plans which doesn't need a groom.

The Proposal

Engagement RingI'm quite sure he has given you the story about how he had me fooled. But I was expecting a proposal to come at some point. I just didn't expect it that morning because I was too busy being grouchy for waking up early on a Sunday morning. Weeks before the proposal, I found a map of Holborn on it and was quite sure that was the location of the shop that he would get the ring from. Of course, Simon was not very good at hiding things and tried to snatch the map from me which roused my suspicions even more. OK, so he did managed to surprise in the end and it really was lovely. I couldn't give him a better answer than yes.

We're Going on a Dress Hunt

I had expected a much harder task in finding the right dress for the occassion. Obviously, me being me, I've opted to go a less conventional route in dress hunting, don't look at bridal boutiques. I actually had a place in mind for awhile, it's a small designer shop call 'The Dispensary' located on Newburgh Street, just one street away from Carnaby Street. I've never bought anything from the shop before but I've browsed through their clothes and knew that there was a chance that I might just find the right outfit there.

Roping in May to help give a second opinion, I went into the fitting room and tried on a dress. May thought it had potential as 'the' dress. Seeing as it was the first dress we looked at, I naturally wanted to wait and see if I could find any others. However, after speaking to the girl who works at the store, I found out that they only have two of the dresses left in weddingy colours. I hesitated and had a walk round the area before finally deciding that I was getting that dress. Unfortunately for me, the girl was closing up the store despite the fact that May and I were looking in from the window like poor little orphans from a Dickensian tale. May kept reminding me, "It's not the dress' fault!" So, despite the fact that the girl couldn't care less for our trade, I went back to the store during my lunch hour the next day to get the dress. Fortunately, I was greeted by a much nicer girl this time who helped show me how the dress could be worn. I couldn't be happier about it. I think the dress is very me and I'm sure Simon would like it too. One thing's for sure, Simon's way superstitious and I know I can trust him to not take a peek at the dress at all.