Wedding Date: 13th of October 2007
Ceremony Venue: Russettings, Sutton Registry Office
Reception Venue: Carew Manor, Beddington Park

His story

Well, it looks like Meng craftily added another section to the wedding site, then said I had to write a few lines on my side of the story.

The Proposal

Engagement RingI had been shopping for an engagement ring for a number of weeks, with the lovely assistance of our mutual friend, the adorable May Yik. Fortunately, we found a very nice family run Jewellers in Hatton Gardens who could make exactly the ring I wanted. Meng is actually not that keen on diamonds, but loves blue semi-precious stones. The jewellers were able to make a lovely thin banded engagement ring with two small diamonds either side a piece of sky blue aquamarine.

I planned to propose on Easter Sunday, and the week before I was running a workshop in Battle. Unbeknownst to Meng, the many phonecalls I got at Battle, supposedly from attendees at the workshop, were actually from the jewellers checking on the ring. I picked the ring up on the Saturday, having made the excuse that I had to go and discuss a contract for work, and things were set for the Sunday morning.

I got up early, at about 7:30 am, and dragged Meng out of bed with the promise of a nice early morning walk to the local park to go kite flying. Meng and I really enjoy going to the local park - the ponds are always full of ducks, swans and geese, whilst the trees were home to hundreds of squirrels, which we enjoy feeding. The original idea for the proposal was to have the ring attached to the kite and then have her find it as the kite landed. Unfortunately, the wind was too light for flying, so onto plan B. Meng started to feed the squirrels near a bridge that overlooks a small waterfall. I scattered lots of nuts on the ground and waited for all of the squirrels to gain Mengs attention, then used this time to get the ring out of my bag, and do the whole down on one knee thing. On turning round, Meng didn't quite know what to say. It was actually very funny, as she was so happy she was lost for words, but also had to concentrate on throwing nuts to the squirrels, who by that time were about to jump onto her to get at the bag of nuts. She finally managed to say yes, and well, you know the rest (or rather lets brush the rest under a convenient carpet as getting the appropriate visa etc took an age!)

Wedding Suit

The groom has the easier job of getting dressed for the wedding, or so I thought until I picked up a brochure from 'Suits You'. Morning Jacket? Edward Jacket? Scottish Highland gear with kilt and all? I know Meng has been threatening to put me in top hat and tails so that I can go audition for a song and dance show at the West End but really... ARRRGGGHH! The choices are endless. Now she wants me to go prancing about our wedding in a kilt. I'm really not comfortable at all with having the cold autumn air blowing under my legs. I have yet to brave myself in stepping into the store yet but with the date drawing ever so near, I fear I will have to lose myself to classy sophistication - and the last time I did that was a decade ago.

The Men in Black

One of the hardest parts of the wedding was trying to select a best man. Put simply I could not! Hence, all three of my best friends are going to share the duties - Stacey Martin, and old friend from school, Sergey Lebedev, my superviser, and Jerry Chittenden, who to all purposes has always been my co-superviser. Luckily I've let them off wedding speech duties, but they will join me in getting dressed up like monkeys for the wedding too... I hope.

Of course with three best men, I am worried about running into 3 times as much trouble at my stag do *gulp*