Wedding Date: 13th of October 2007
Ceremony Venue: Russettings, Sutton Registry Office
Reception Venue: Carew Manor, Beddington Park

Our Story

Simon and I met at the London Anime Club. Yes, this has to do with Simon's other life that most of you do not know about other than our friends in that circle. I had a tough time and he was there for me. In fact, he was always there for me, my shoulder to cry on and punching bag as well. We have been good friends for a long while before we finally decided to give it a go. Although for most part of the relationship, we were apart. We have to thank people from Yahoo (for Yahoo Messenger) and Tim Berners-Lee who invented the internet for keeping us both sane in those years apart.

Desperately Seeking Venue

LCCA Cricket ClubSo here we were, it's the month of May and we have only just started venue hunting. We needed a place that could house around 100 people and a place that was available around September. Unfortuately, we were pretty late in the market and most people had already booked the venues over the summer months and beginning of autumn last year. Luckily the registry office still had Saturday appointments available for October. So right, there goes our plan of a summer wedding, autumn it is then.

Initially we had this idea of holding the wedding in Carshalton, where we live. We thought of an outdoor venue like somewhere near the Carshalton Ponds would be nice. Unfortunately, there wasn't a hiring option for the site and we had to resort to looking for buildings. I suppose for an autumn do, it's probably less risk to hold the wedding in an indoor venue. We looked at many different sites such as a theatre hall and a cricket club. We even looked at the Holiday Inn in Sutton but somehow the building felt too much like what a concrete block feels. Also, the idea of cutting the cake with a ceremonial sword wasn't really what we had in mind for our wedding. The last site we visited that day was Carew Manor. The moment we saw the place, we knew that was it. Someone from the school was kind enough to show us round a bit and even pointed out where the hall was. As we tried to peer through the windows, I think we already knew, this was it.

DIY Invitations

We were really keen on the idea of making our own invitations just to give it a bit more of a personal touch. Simon was absolutely impressed with what Confetti had to offer. You could get all the different bits to make the invitations and piece them together yourself. Meng had the idea of getting some paper from Paperchase to help. And we had the help of May's creative side to come up with some ideas of assembling the invitations. It was pretty much like running a factory after that. One person supervising, and the other on the factory floor actually making the invitations!