Wedding Date: 13th of October 2007
Ceremony Venue: Russettings, Sutton Registry Office
Reception Venue: Carew Manor, Beddington Park

Wedding List

We want to see all our friends enjoying themselves at the reception - that is the biggest gift of all ^_^

A few of you have already asked about what we'd like as wedding gifts, if we have a list etc. Like many people getting married today, Meng and I have already set up home, and we have everything that we could need in this respect - yes, even a food processor ^_^

Truth be told, the one thing we could do with is money to help pay for our honeymoon in Malaysia later this year, where we will be visiting friends and relations who could not make it to the wedding. I looked into several ways to 'sugarcoat' this request - several companies offer 'Honeymoon donation' packages, for instance 'buy the Bride and Groom a good meal out' - but in general these companies serve just to make things sound nice and rosy whilst skimming off ~10% of all monies. Put simply, instead of kitchen equipment, new sheets or similar, if you are able to donate a little money it would be incredibly appreciated, and help really make our honeymoon special. Cheques can be sent to the address on the invitations, and we also have a paypal account.

I know many of you attending are students, and some between jobs, or some just don`t like the idea of giving money - this is fine... in which case please do not worry. But please do join us in celebrating our marriage nonetheless.